Tango Movement was born in 2007, when David & Kim Benitez arrived in London from Buenos Aires, and quickly made a name for itself as the leader in Argentine Tango in London.

They have recently won the double award of Tango Teachers and Performers of the Year (LUKAS 2015).

David & Kim have a unique way of putting their students at ease and creating a special atmosphere in class.

Their success lies in their clear teaching and their commitment to the progress of every student.

Their methodology is built on strong dance backgrounds and steeped in the culture of Argentine tango.

Each class is carefully prepared to ensure a balance of technique, partner work and musicality. Each student is guided to dance with self-belief, expression and individuality.

People often say you can spot a Tango Movement student on the dance floor because of the quality of their dance and footwork. A lot of our students find us through word of mouth.

David & Kim have accompanied many students on their tango journey - shared their highs, their lows and their personal milestones. And they have had the pleasure of seeing them become dancers.

They'd love to introduce you to their unique way of teaching and to share their passion for Argentine Tango with you.

See our Class Schedule for our full programme of group and private tango classes in central London locations.