Meet You Tango Teachers David & Kim

David & Kim Benitez are an award-winning tango team known for their ability to bring out the best in each and every student.

They are passionate about making their students feel welcomed, nurtured and inspired at every stage of their learning path - whether they're an absolute beginner or tango dancer with years of experience.

With over 10 years as a tango couple, David and Kim are finely in tune with each other as both dancers and teachers. But their backgrounds could not be more different.

David Benitez

David grew up in a small town in Argentina. His talent in dance was recognixed from an early age and he received a sought-after place in the highly selective "Taller de San Martin", Buenos Aires' most prestigious Schoool of Modern Dance.

On graduation, he performed in the renowned San Martin Company before touring internationally as a principal dancer with Argentine ballet star, Maximiliano Guerra.

A chance decision by his ballet company to create a ballet/tango fusion piece gave him his first taste of tango. He was soon dancing with top tango companies such as Tanguera and Miguel Angel Zotto's Tango Por Dos.

However it was "tango salon" - the roots of tango - that stole his heart and he spent time studying with the legendary Osvaldo Zotto and was privileged to be his teaching assistant, gaining priceless insight into tango as taught by the great masters.

Kim Benitez

Kim Benitez also stumbled across tango but on the other side of the world - in an old church hall in Camden Town in the mid-1990’s. The music and movements deeply touched her and changed the course of her life. She has since dedicated herself to studying tango as an art form.

In 2003, she moved to Buenos Aires to work full time on her tango - studying with world-renowned maestros and immersing herself in the culture.

A Chance Encounter

In 2005, in another twist of fate David and Kim’s paths crossed on a busy Buenos Aires avenue.

Together they dreamed up Tango Movement - a Tango School that would bring their tango love to London.

Ten years on, Tango Movement has earned its reputation as one of the UK’s foremost Tango Schools.