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BBC Radio 3 Interview on Tango Monday, 12 June 2017 print

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On Saturday 10th June, BBC Radio 3 broadcast an hour-long programme on Argentine tango.

The programme was part of a longer series "the Sound of Dance" by Katie Derham, presenter of the BBC Proms and Strictly Come Dancing finalist, exploring the relationship between music and different dance genres.

Bandoneon player Julian Rowlands was interviewed to give a tango musician's perspective and David and I were interviewed to speak about the music from a dancer's point of view.

It was really interesting to talk about how we feel when we dance tango, how we interpret the music and how we improvise. There are not many programmes in the mainstream media that delve into the world and workings of traditional "tango salon" (or social tango dancing). It made a refreshing change!

We tried as much as possible to talk about the dance form as an improvised dance form, explaining that this is tango's most authentic form. For us this is one of the features that make the music so exciting to interpret. And it is one of the features of tango that many people are unaware of.

It is always a challenge to talk about dance without being able to demonstrate the movements. But the interview was expertly edited, overlaying the music so as to illustrate to the audience what we were trying to describe.

Here you can listen to us talking to Katie. We hope you find it interesting too!

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