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“after all, ginger rogers did everything that fred astaire did. she just did it backwards and in high heels.”
- ann richards
Display date: 2015-04-09

Welcome to Boutique De Tango - Suppliers of the Most Beautiful Tango Shoes in the World

We love to over-indulge in our two favourite things: tango and shoes! And we're proud to bring the world's leading brand - Comme Il Faut - to London.

Comme Il Faut shoes are a miracle in engineering - combining stunning designs with comfort and stability. They have long been the forerunners in tango footwear and have been imitated the world over by other brands.

Each model is handcrafted in Buenos Aires and is made in only limited quantities - ensuring every "tanguera's" footwear is as unique as her dance.

Private appointments can be made in central London locations on almost any day of the week. We can also ship to other parts of the UK and the world. Browse through our Collection and Contact Us if anything catches your eye.

Your Comme Il Fauts are here waiting for you!