Tango Performance at the Tango Movement Winter Ball

Charity Milonga Saturday 9th December

Thank you to everyone who came last Saturday to Tango Shelter!

David and I really appreciated your support for our performance at this "pop-up" milonga in Mayfair.

Nearly £1,500 was raised for the homeless in London! We feel really proud to have helped!

The event was an absolute sell-out - with 200 more people asking for tickets after the last ticket was sold! And the milonga had a fantastic atmosphere.

Here is a link to one of our performances at the milonga - a traditional tango salon:

David & Kim Benitez at Tango Shelter 2017 performing "Rebeldía" (Caló - Iriarte)

On an exceptionally cold night, we were all reminded what a cruel place London would be without shelter. We were so happy to be able to take positive (tango) steps to help such a pressing cause.

Huge congratulations to Warren Edwardes, tango DJ, and his wonderful team of volunteers for making it happen! Now we can look forward to our next big fundraiser on Saturday 10th February: the Tango Movement Winter Ball, this year with a Valentine's twist!