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On beach holidays as a child I would stand at the edge of the sea and watch as the tide washed out around my feet. I loved the feeling of moving backwards when I was actually standing still.

Not such a great feeling though as an adult when you’ve reached a certain level in a skill and are not sure how to move forward.

Because by standing still, you feel like you are moving backwards. This is why it is so important to keep learning, reviewing and refreshing.

As we all know, tango is a discipline that we can investigate for the rest of your lives if we choose to do so. For me one of the great joys of tango - apart from the feeling of the dance itself - is the sense that the journey never ends.

Unfortunately, too many advanced dancers feel that there is nothing out there for them. And sadly for some, a little spark dies with this recognition.

David and I are passionate about making sure our Advanced students always have opportunities to grow.

We have worked hard over the years to maintain a “true” Advanced class. We work only with those who we feel are ready for the class. We understand that “Advanced” can mean more complex sequences and movements, but it can also mean investigating the subtleties of the movements, the breath, the embrace.

We also encourage our Advanced students to come to our Saturday Workshops with a practice partner. They can stay together during the partner rotations if they feel they would benefit more from this.

And if you’re not yet an Advanced dancer but are keen to come to our Advanced class to see what it’s like, our advice to you is: take your time! It sounds funny but you’ll make much faster progress if you take it slow! Tango success is based on a thorough understanding of the basics and sometimes it can take several years to realise that the basics are far from simple!

Our success as a school is partly down to making sure our classes “do what they say on the tin”. If you come to our Intermediate class, you expect Intermediate material and dancers of a similar level to you. And we work hard to make sure you get it!

Check out our LEVEL GUIDE and remember we’re always here to guide you on the very best class for you at your stage in your journey. Here’s to the road ahead!

We often talk about how tango changes the lives of those who dance it: creating joy, boosting confidence, giving purpose, forming friendships and communities ... even helping people to find their soul mate.

But what about tango helping to change the lives of the country who gave it to us: Argentina?

Our glittering Tango Winter Ball took place last Saturday night in the Old Finsbury Town Hall Islington to celebrate Tango Movement's 10th Anniversary here in London. Once again, the beautifully ornate hall was filled with the spine-tingling notes of live tango music and dancers locked in the close tango embrace.

We were brought together by our love of tango but also by our desire to help people living many miles away.

To produce the Winter Ball, Tango Movement works in partnership with APARU - the Association of Argentine Professionals in the UK. ALL the proceeds from our Balls go towards the charitable causes supported by APARU.

Since we started organising our Tango Balls with APARU in 2011, the Winter Ball has raised a total of £20,000.

This money has supported a number of projects in Argentina, including a hospital train providing medical care to remote villages, accommodation and primary medial care in a homeless centre, and a reading and literacy foundation for children living in extreme poverty. And the project endorsed by APARU this year: providing medical health care to visually impaired people.

By coming to the Winter Ball this year, we'd like to know what you have done:

Raul, a 62 year old electrician, has recovered his ability to see. You have paid for his surgery and he is now able to enjoy life through his eyes. He can now go back to work and pay for his kids' food, shelter and education. YOU have changed his life and his family’s lives.

Luciano, who’s 8 years old and suffered from acute cataracts in one eye, has undergone surgery. He not only has recovered his ability to see but can also now to go back to school. YOU have changed Luciano's life and have given him a much better future.

We could go on telling you how each of you have impacted someone’s life for the better. And trust me, as cliché as this may sound, you and your passion for tango have truly changed lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this crazy dream to change the world! Until next year!

For more information on APARU, please go to http://www.aparu.org.uk. Donations are always welcome!

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A Tango Match! 10-01-2017

Many Congratulations to Irina Croitor and Aditya Shankar, who got married last weekend in India.

Irina and Aditya both started with us as Beginners and met through our classes. We soon realised they were an item when they couldn't stop smiling when they danced together!

Irina and Aditya we are so so happy for you! You are a match made in heaven!

We would have loved to have been at the wedding but we can't wait to see all the photos (especially of your wedding dance!).

#lovelycouple #tangosoulmates

Blue Monday? 09-01-2017

For those who struggled to get out of bed this morning ...

A triple bill of Monday, rain & tube strike! We thought you might need THREE things to cheer you up this morning:

1) ALL Our Tango Classes Re-Start this Week!

People often tell us our tango classes are the highlight of their week.

Check out our weekly schedule to find the class for your level.

2) Alejandra Mantiñan is Back!

Alejandra Mantiñan will be giving two inspiring workshops with us on 21st & 22nd January.

Alejandra Mantiñan​ is one of the leading tango dancers of her time and has inspired a generation with her unique style. Alejandra has 30 years tango experience and is world-renowned for both her dancing and teaching ability. She will be giving just one performance during her visit: with David at our Winter Ball.

For more info: click here.

3) Our 10th Anniversary Winter Ball Is Really Soon!

Just under two weeks to go until what will surely be the tango event of the year! Tickets are selling fast so don't leave it to the last minute to get one!

For more info: click here.

Has this helped at all? We hope so! Let the sun shine bright in your thoughts today!

Picture this.

You meet someone for the first time. Music is playing. He asks you to dance and you accept. You step out onto the dance floor and together you start to dance.

Somehow you understand everything he is going to do as if you were telepathic. You move together in a complex series of movements, twisting and turning, losing yourself in the music. You are - both literally and metaphorically - swept off your feet. A casual bystander assumes that this must be a meticulously-rehearsed choreography but you and your partner know that you are complete strangers.

I’m sure this sounds like something that could only happen in a scene from an old MGM movie. And as I grew up on these movies this scenario was something that as a teenager I would play out in my head.

Then I discovered tango. And it played out in real life too.

Not surprising then that so many people (like me) fall completely and utterly under the spell of tango.

Intoxicating as it is to be part of such an intense connection, the spectacle of two people improvising together is also quite beautiful and exciting to behold.

I can spend hours gazing at the dance floor watching the couples dance by. Every day folk, who dance tango for pleasure, not professionally. But most of all I love to see a professional couple give an improvised performance and watch the story unfold before my eyes.

And this is what happened in October when David performed with Alejandra Mantiñan at Negracha Tango Club.


The very first time that Alejandra and David had danced together was the day before the performance. For just half an hour.

It was exhilarating to see what can come out of pure improvisation between two dancers who barely know each other. It was simply amazing to watch a creative process live in front of hundreds of people.


Every improvisation is unique. Each individual coming to the dance partnership is unique. The chemistry between each of those individuals is unique and what happens when they come together in that one moment of time will never again be replicated.

This, people, is what tango is all about! Pure improvisation.


We are so excited that Alejandra and David will be performing again at our Winter Ball on Saturday 21st January. We can’t wait to see what they will create for us this time!

Alejandra Mantinan is a world-famous tango dancer of over 30 years experience. She is known for her creativity, in particular her ability to adapt to many different styles of dance and to add expressive and often inventive decorations to her dance.



For more information and to book tickets for the Winter Ball: click here.

We are completely thrilled to welcome Marianela Nuñez to our Winter Ball again this year.

Marianela is one of the biggest stars of the Royal Ballet. She has performed all the leading roles in the classical, dramatic and contemporary repertory.

Marianela was named Best Female Dancer at the 2005 and 2012 Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards and in 2013 won the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance.

She has appeared as a guest artist with companies including American Ballet Theatre, Vienna State Opera Ballet, Australian Ballet, La Scala, Milan, Ballet Estable del Teatro Colón and Teatro Argentino de La Plata.

Here she is in the lead role of Don Quixote with ballet star Carlos Acosta, who she partnered on many occasions.


She has enjoyed acclaim with many prominent critics. Of her performance of the lead in Swan Lake, they have written:

"... every gesture sings, every step is luminous with emotion. The result is sublime".

"Her approach to one of the most difficult parts of the 19th-century repertoire is simply exemplary, and I have no doubt that her incandescent and technically flawless interpretation is destined to be long remembered in history, along with those of other unique artists."

"...[her interpretation] confirmed her indisputable supremacy as the ideal 21st century interpreter of the classic. Her rendition of Odette’s sadness and fear is something that should be recorded for posterity."



Last year at our Winter Ball she stunned our guests when she gave a surprise performance. She was partnered by Alejandro Parente, who is a principal at Theatre Colon, Buenos Aires. They performed a modern ballet to a piece by Astor Piazzolla "A Buenos Aires". Just perfect for the tango-loving audience!


Marianela was born in Argentina but has spent most of her adult life with the Royal Ballet in London. She met David in Ballet School in Buenos Aires. Both David and Marianela know how it feels to live far away from Argentina and both feel passionately about the charitable causes supported by our Winter Ball and APARU.

We are so happy and grateful that Marianela and Alejandro will be performing for us again at the Winter Ball.

For more information and tickets click here.

It was amazing to be back on the dance floor again on Boxing Day when we gave our first performance since the birth of our baby in July.

The event took place in the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall, with dancing for all, live music and two dance performances.

For those of you who missed it, here is a youtube video:

Our next performance will be on Saturday 21st January at our annual Winter Ball in the Old Finsbury Town Hall. We really hope you can make it!

It's that time of year when we wind down all our classes and take a short break from tango.

It's been another amazing year for us at Tango Movement.

I enjoyed teaching classes right up until the night before my second baby was born in July. It was a special feeling to dance with the baby inside me and I didn't feel tempted to give up for a second! After some time off on maternity leave, I was back teaching classes by mid-September.

This year, we've worked hard on developing our weekend workshop themes, aiming always to help our students grow both technically and artistically, and to bring out the very best in them. We've continued to focus on creating the warm, nurturing atmosphere that our classes have become known for, so that we all feel that we are much more than a tango school ... more a tango family!

Highlights of this year have been our participation in the Che Tango Festival, in which I danced 7 months pregnant, our students' wonderful performance at the UK Tango Championship, our amazing sun-blessed garden party and, of course, hosting tango legend Alejandra Mantiñan for workshops over two weekends.

And how can we forget Alejandra and David's exhilarating, improvised performance at Negracha Tango Club in October? Two dancers who had scarcely danced with each other before stepped out onto the dance floor and exhibited an immediate connection and chemistry. Just like that. Magic. This, people, is what tango is all about!

Thank you everyone for making 2016 what it was and Tango Movement what it is. It is a never-ending source of happiness for us. As we get ready for our 10th anniversary year (gulp!), please enjoy this video of our favourite parts of 2016.

We'd like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year, wherever you may be spending it.

Wishing you health, happiness and a lot of tango in 2017! We can't wait to get started!

With much love,

David & Kim

A question I get asked a lot is what complimentary activity will most help me progress in tango.

There's no doubt that parallels can be found between most forms of movement, whether it is pilates, martial arts or even golf (or so I'm told!). And you may have noticed that students with some kind of background in another discipline usually improve at a faster rate than those who have not.

I'm always keen to stress that complimentary disciplines alone won't make you a great tango dancer. Dancing tango will make you a great tango dancer! A martial arts expert who has never taken a tango class, cannot dance tango! But they can definitely be a great help.

Everyone is different, but I just love ballet for my tango. It has given me a greater understanding of how my body works, improved my posture, control, co-ordination, musicality and strength. And I could go on!

Plus, I secretly do it because I love it and not just to improve my tango!

For over 5 years, I have been taking weekly private classes with the most wonderful teacher. With a gentle personality and a huge wealth of knowledge, her classes are holistic yet precise and her approach demanding yet incredibly nurturing. Her classes have been a tremendous help to me - not only improving my ballet but also - indirectly - my tango too.

I thought it was time to share my secret with my students! Too often they tell me they'd like to try ballet but feel intimidated by large ballet classes where they are an anonymous one of many.

Whether you have zero ballet experience, did ballet as a child or regularly take ballet classes as an adult, you will love Diana's teaching. And with only 6 places available, you will receive personal attention and - perhaps for the first time - feel at home in an adult ballet class.

The class will be a regular ballet class (no tango, no heels!) but with a strong focus on posture, balance and alignment. We will be running one taster session this year but hope to run the class on a weekly basis in the New Year.

When: Saturday 10th December 2016

Time: 4:30 - 5:30 pm

Where: Studio Movement, 6th Floor, Templeton House, 33-34 Chiswell Street, Moorgate EC1Y 4SF (Moorgate, Old Street, Barbican and Liverpool Street tubes)

Price: £15 per person

Places are limited to six - and three of them have gone already! - so please contact us if you would like to come.

Nights Out 16-09-2016

A lot of you tell us how much you love the atmosphere of our classes. So much so that they become as much a chance to catch up with friends and soak up the feel-good feeling, as to learn to dance tango.

That's why we organise Nights Out every two months or so. Our Nights Out are a golden opportunity for us all to all meet up outside of class and together do what we most love doing: tango.

We choose some of the best "milongas" (tango clubs) in town for our venues. Sometimes we give a performance during the evening, sometimes just the pre-milonga class and sometimes we simply hang out with you al!

With Kim back from maternity leave, now seems like an ideal time to plan our next Night Out. Watch this space for news of our next one, coming really soon!

UPDATE: Our next night out is our Christmas Party on Friday 25th November and guess what, you're invited! Click here for all the information. We hope you'll join us - it's going to be a great night.

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