Our success lies in word of mouth. We are lucky to have so many students who love our School and have taken the time to tell you why ....

"Clear instruction for students of all levels, excellently demonstrated, great enthusiasm for student development" - Strictly Come Dancing Choreographer and LUKAS Awards 2015 Judge

"My first ever tango lesson was in Tango Movement and now, three years later, I still find the classes as motivating and inspiring as that very first time. David brings captivating energy and dynamic to the class, while Kim's elegance and grace makes you fall in love even with the most simple movements. Together they create friendly and inspiring atmosphere and put a lot of effort in getting the best out of their students every class." Yulia

"Learning tango with Kim and David is an absolute delight, and a life changing experience. They are top-notch, and lovely teachers." Charlotte Simon

"From my very first lesson with Kim and David, I knew I would be in safe hands. Whenever I had questions (and there were plenty of them!), these wonderful teachers were happy to help me understand movements and totally engage with the music. They are very encouraging if you are timid, like in my case, helping to find that inner dancer that stubbornly remained hidden for so long. Not only have I had a great experience with this lovely couple, I have also gained a wonderful tango family along the way. Thank you!" Monica Camara

"One of the most rewarding Tango classes we have ever experienced. You are both excellent teachers and a splendid teaching team" Richard & Kim

"Your classes are so professional and inspiring and I can't believe how you manage to give so much individual attention ... Truly awesome quality in every way." Debbie Hoyle

“I have been looking for a tango class for a while, across London, not liking what I found. But tonight I went to your Beginners class and this is it! This is what I was looking for. Well done and thank you. I will be back.” Marie-Noelle

“Kim and David are not only the best tango performers in London but also the best teachers. Teachers who actually understand body mechanics enough to explain things in a language that beginners can understand and more importantly use. The classes are warm, friendly and the highlight of my week and yet you can feel yourself slowly but surely improving with time. Add to the fact that they are a charming couple, have a wonderfully located school and have created a warm and caring community around them. An amazing school and one of the hidden highlights of London.” James Douglas

“Kim and David are always inspiring and lovely, not to mention absolutely gifted with talent! Always love attending their classes.” Julia Cabaco

“Kim and David - Tango Movement present the most wonderful welcoming and comprehensive Tango classes for all levels. Their warmth, knowledge, technique and expertise are unparalleled in the heady world of learning to dance Tango in the centre of London, and you need look no further if you want to start your Tango journey, with teachers that nurture you through each stage, from beginner to performer. I highly recommend Tango Movement. Kim and David tick every box.” Paul MacFarlane

“The teaching is better than in Buenos Aires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is undoubtedly the best Tango class in London. I have been to most places over the last 15 years. Kim and David know how to teach, how to dance beautifully, how to interpret the music. What else is there? Oh yes, they are considerate, intelligent and fun. The most important thing in tango and all new activities is to learn the basics well. Here you are. Do not need to go anywhere else. ” Kay MacDermott

“I cannot recommend enough taking private lessons with David or Kim. It is by far the most efficient way to boost your understanding of tango and fundamental technique. Both Kim and David have an extraordinary understanding of tango and they are able to give precise and enlightening feedback. And most important of all, they are incredibly encouraging and make you believe that with practice and dedication, you can achieve high standards." Frederique Dahan

"Kim and David are excellent teachers and amazing tango dancers, who provide professionalism, passion and precision in equal measure. They inspire you to improve, motivate you to attend classes, equip you with wide ranging skills and ultimately make you look great dancing! Classes always start on time and there are many different levels to choose from in addition to exciting, useful and well attended workshops. All this takes place in a comfortable, friendly and lively environment and the classes offer great value for money. Having attended classes with many different teachers over the years I would not hesitate to put Kim and David head and shoulders above all the others." Agnes Proust

"I have been to several Tango school and teachers in London. This is by far, my favorite school. First of all, they are professional dancers...the quality of their dance is remarkable ...so graceful and passionate. Secondly, they are very good at teaching and explaining the movements. Needless to say they are wonderful people, it is a pleasure to be in their company. Highly recommended…it was also recommended to me as the best school in London." Irina Croitor

“I've been to a dozen or so different classes around central London and David and Kim's classes stand out. Boy, can they dance! Plus, they have a teaching style that appeals to me: smiley and encouraging, with lots of showing and doing. And they can manage a class. Everyone matters. Kim is grace, elegance and sensitivity, personified and she knows how to deconstruct style for women, down to the subtlest detail.” Naznene Sparrow

“Thank you for all your effort and passion in bringing Tango to us – it truly makes a difference to my whole life, and I could not have wished for better teachers…you are brilliant!” - Robert

"I also want to tell you how much I love your classes. I had no idea there was so much wit, lightness and spontaneity in tango as well as the passion and sexiness. I find your teaching charming, attentive, inspiring and very patient.
I teach a kind of movement so its been doubly wonderful for me to experience the feeling of being individually observed in such a supportive and non-judgmental way." Sophie Arditti

"It goes without saying that I have found your teaching and attention to detail absolutely amazing and, in the short time I've been learning tango, I feel I have gained so much knowledge; it is almost like being in a private lesson rather than in a class with a number of other students." Kay Lundy

"Wonderful & inspiring teaching with lots of hands on involvement by the teachers" Anthony Hamilton

"I first turned up at David and Kim’s tango classes a little over a year ago with two left feet and no partner. I never imagined that more than 15 months on I would be attending classes once a week to dance regularly with good friends garnered in class along the way.

David and Kim’s classes are distinguished by their ability to build a personal relationship with every student and encourage progress at a pace appropriate to the individual. They also focus on technique and musicality in addition to teaching the steps which uniformly turns out excellent dancers. I’ve heard more than one student has comment that they receive compliments at milongas for commanding precision and elegance beyond expectation for the length of time they have been dancing.

Although passion for tango has driven me to classes offered by a few different tango schools in London, it’s David and Kim’s classes that I return to week after week as they really do feel like home." Xin Zhang

"I was captivated by Kim and David's fabulous performance at the Royal Festival Hall on Boxing Day........the ease and elasticity of their intimate connection, their musicality and imagination, the precision and sheer beauty of the exquisite lines.........Kim and David are also amazing teachers for their passion and commitment to their art form. As dancers of such high calibre, they are able to convey their experience to their students with clarity and precision and they take meticulous care of their students' technical development. Their classes have a great atmosphere of friendship and fun, and the improvised demo at the end is just wonderful to watch." Lylli Laukka

"Fantastic atmosphere and teaching, always a joy for me to attend." Rosie Holroyd

"I've had both privates with David and attend group classes with both Kim & David. Their dancing is truly an inspiration, they teach in a very supportive, non-critical and professional way, giving lots of feedback and tips. I feel like my technique has improved dramatically and i always look forward to their classes." Bethshona Kenny

I love the experience with Kim and David, I was always afraid of tango, thought is was too complicated but every class I experience magic that is not attainable in any other way. Recommend to any senior management women who want a break from being the boss and just be the woman that we are. Thank you Kim for being a role model! Ildiko Harazsi

"I have watched you dance and always marvelled at your skill and passion. Yesterday at Spitalfields I watched you teaching beginners and was inspired by the obvious joy you impart when you are teaching. How could anybody not be motivated when they see you. We followed in the open Milonga; our first time at Rivertango. An amazing experience." Brian Fowler

"I came along to a beginners drop-in course last night and had such a fantastic time - the class went at just the right pace with a great combination of repeating the basic steps, learning more complicated movements, and encouraging everyone to improvise instead of following a set dance pattern. I LOVED it and will definitely be coming back, thanks so much Kim and David!" Ali Ingham

“Kim and David, you are the genii of tango. Thank you for opening the door into your magical world. Your classes are a perfect balance of technique, style, and positive energy. I enjoy every moment" Richard Arnold

"More than fulfilled my expectations. Am now in love with tango. The teaching is fantastic, very encouraging and technically brilliant" Miranda Daymond

“I just want to thank you for your outstanding work again this year teaching tango. The endless patience, the dedicated belief, and the depth of soul you put into it is second to none and most appreciated.” - Eric M

"Fabulous teachers who even in a group class still manage to incorporate an element of "one to one". They will release your inner tanguero!" Suzanne Ward

“I never expected to improve so much in only 4 weeks. Thank you!” Nathalie Van Den Abeele

“Simply the best and improving all the time. A pleasure to watch and to learn from you.” Pedro Coimbra

“Your continual effort to encourage and make time for your students individually is second to none. Not only are you both inspirational dancers but inspirational people in your passion for teaching and passion for others.” Thomas Herbert

“I’m an absolute convertee to your form of teaching – you give so much. Just being with the two of you is inspirational” Ruby

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first class and how much I appreciated your incredible patience and enthusiasm. It’s hard being a beginner at anything, but you took a lot of the pain and embarrassment out of the process! I am completely hooked already.” Pippa

“Many many thanks for the highly motivating, well-organised/structured, and super-friendly crash course…and the gorgeous performances...it simply was the best” Amin

“You are both very generous teachers. As a dance teacher myself I understand the dynamics required to ensure students are left feeling great about themselves with a sense of achievement, challenge and enjoyment. You two demonstrated this superbly!” Yasmin Shawkat

“Fabulous – no one else focuses on technique like you two and it’s really improving my dancing” Steve Wilkes

“Thank you once again for a course which has been great fun and in which I have learned so much. The level of teaching is outstanding and the displays are bewitching” Fiona Paterson

“Excellent and charmingly attentive teachers” Omer

"One of the best teachers of tango in London” Suzanne Hack

“A constant source of inspiration. The popularity of the courses speaks for itself” Suzanne Ward

“Not only do you dance beautifully but you also know how to teach. The individual attention is great – you know what each student needs to be told. Just watching you dance makes me smile. So much positive energy!” Marika

“Fantastic teachers, beautiful dancers and very clear and technical instructions” – Jane von Bieberstein

“The highlight of my day - such a positive atmosphere” Kate