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Not Exactly a "First" Dance

To call it a first dance would - I think - be a little bit of a stretch.

In fact I daren't even put a number on it, given we've been married for 10 years and dance partners for close to 15.

So how about a dance that will always stand out in our memory? Without doubt! And that - considering the number of times we have danced together - has got to make it very special!

Kim David Tango First Dance

Some time back at the peak of lockdown, I was feeling disappinted that our 10-year wedding anniversary would pass without celebration. I know there were - and are still - far greater problems in the world so please forgive me this moment of self-absorption.

But little did I know that David was planning a celebration that would trump all the plans we had been forced to cancel because of Covid.

Something I in fact has always wanted to do: a renewal of our wedding vows (and party!) in our garden.

The Magic of the Number 8

Yesterday was a special day. It was our daughter's eighth birthday.

Eight is an important number in tango. The Basic Eight, the "Ocho" and this delicate little decoration, which draws a number eight on the floor.

Here I am yesterday drawing this decoration around the candle for my daughter's birthday cake, to demonstrate the shape of my footwork.

Perhaps you can try this at home? Imagine an 8 lying on its side on the floor in front of your foot and trace the shape with your big toe. Top tip: keep your foot on the floor and practice, practice, practice! Only lift your toe once you are really familiar with the movement.

The eight. With its curves, elegance and flow, it is most definitely my favourite number!

Tango in Our Kitchen

In the current crisis, our everyday routines have been turned on their heads.

But you can keep up your tango skills - with or without a partner - in the smallest of spaces and incorporate it in your daily tasks. As you wait for the kettle to boil, microwave to ping or toast to pop.

David and I have had fun with a tiny video project showing us practicing and improvising in our kitchen.

Restricted space? That's no issue. Meandering cats who don't understand the rules of tango floor craft ... well, that's more of a problem ...

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