Choose from our menu of inspiring group tango classes, each for a different level, and all now by video link. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience, we have a lesson that is perfect for you!


David & Kim will help you fall in love with tango from your first class! Top-class teachers who are passionate about teaching Beginners and will ensure you get the very best introduction to tango.


Tango Workshops on Saturday afternoons in Soho.

We create exciting and varied tango topics for Improvers upwards, designed to broaden and deepen your dance. Take a look at our upcoming programme.


With private tango lessons by video link, you can really streamline your progress.

With close-up cameras, we'll give you clear demonstrations and precise verbal instructions.


Argentine Tango is simply a beautiful choice for your First Dance.

It's easy to learn by video link. Don't put off your plans and make your tango a real highlight of your special day!

“The classes are warm, friendly, and the highlight of my week.”


“We have been taking private lessons with Kim and David for a year and a half. Thanks to them, we not only fell in love with Tango, we fell in love with the way they teach us! It started with our first enquiry. We called several companies that run tango lessons. But Kim and David immediately stood out. They radiated passion, happiness, professionalism and so much more – it was easy to make a choice. And we never looked back!

Kim and David are great dancers and fantastic teachers. They make us feel relaxed and carried away by the beauty of the dance. It is not just techniques which they teach – but also the “philosophy” of tango: passion and improvisation. And we take those into our life as well.

Kim and David became an inspiration not just in tango, but in the attitude towards life. Our lessons became weekly escapes from day to day routine into a world of romance and elegance. We hope to continue with them forever!” - Tania and Leonid Tombak

“I stumbled across Kim and David performing at a tea dance at The Waldorf hotel 10 years ago this Spring, and had an epiphany! Since then I have taken regular weekly private lessons.

Their spellbinding, elegantly harmonious and sophisticated grace, compelling musicality, poise, and endlessly joyful detail when they dance, is a wonderful inspiration to watch .... but it is also their fabulous flair, patience and unusual generous capacity for teaching (at all levels) which is so completely winning when you want to learn to dance.

Kim and David have enormous energy, style and dedication through which they nurture friendships and a wonderful tango community.

I recommend them with every tango breath.” - Debra Popplewell

“I cannot recommend enough taking private lessons with David or Kim. It is by far the most efficient way to boost your understanding of tango and fundamental technique.

Both Kim and David have an extraordinary understanding of tango and they are able to give precise and enlightening feedback. And most important of all, they are incredibly encouraging and make you believe that with practice and dedication, you can achieve high standards.” - Anonymous

"Clear instruction for students of all levels, excellently demonstrated, great enthusiasm for student development" - Strictly Come Dancing Choreographer and LUKAS Awards 2015 Judge

"One of the most rewarding Tango classes we have ever experienced. You are both excellent teachers and a splendid teaching team" - Richard & Kim

"Your classes are so professional and inspiring and I can't believe how you manage to give so much individual attention ... Truly awesome quality in every way." - Debbie Hoyle

“I have been looking for a tango class for a while, across London, not liking what I found. But tonight I went to your Beginners class and this is it! This is what I was looking for. Well done and thank you. I will be back.” - Marie-Noelle

“I've been to a dozen or so different classes around central London and David and Kim's classes stand out. Boy, can they dance! Plus, they have a teaching style that appeals to me: smiley and encouraging, with lots of showing and doing. And they can manage a class. Everyone matters. Kim is grace, elegance and sensitivity, personified and she knows how to deconstruct style for women, down to the subtlest detail.” - Naznene Sparrow

“Thank you for all your effort and passion in bringing Tango to us – it truly makes a difference to my whole life, and I could not have wished for better teachers…you are brilliant!” - Robert

"I also want to tell you how much I love your classes. I had no idea there was so much wit, lightness and spontaneity in tango as well as the passion and sexiness. I find your teaching charming, attentive, inspiring and very patient. I teach a kind of movement so its been doubly wonderful for me to experience the feeling of being individually observed in such a supportive and non-judgmental way." - Sophie Arditti

"It goes without saying that I have found your teaching and attention to detail absolutely amazing and, in the short time I've been learning tango, I feel I have gained so much knowledge; it is almost like being in a private lesson rather than in a class with a number of other students."- Kay Lundy

"Wonderful & inspiring teaching with lots of hands on involvement by the teachers" - Anthony Hamilton

"I have watched you dance and always marvelled at your skill and passion. Yesterday at Spitalfields I watched you teaching beginners and was inspired by the obvious joy you impart when you are teaching. How could anybody not be motivated when they see you. We followed in the open Milonga; our first time at Rivertango. An amazing experience." - Brian Fowler

"I came along to a beginners drop-in course last night and had such a fantastic time - the class went at just the right pace with a great combination of repeating the basic steps, learning more complicated movements, and encouraging everyone to improvise instead of following a set dance pattern. I LOVED it and will definitely be coming back, thanks so much Kim and David!" - Ali Ingham

“Kim and David, you are the genii of tango. Thank you for opening the door into your magical world. Your classes are a perfect balance of technique, style, and positive energy. I enjoy every moment" - Richard Arnold